Friday, October 24, 2008


I updating my blog on my new iPhone. I have been reluctant to come around to this phone but it is slowly winning me over to the wonders of the iPhone. Like this way I could actually keep up with my blogging! Yea like that will ever happen.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

No one will see it

Although I'm sure no one will see this now I thought I would start again and see if I can do a better job of keeping it up. I think I'm going to set a weekly reminder fro myself to go online and write something and see if I can at least keep it up for a year. If I do at least half of those I will still have completed mroe than I did this last year! I'm getting ready to run my first marathon in the next 12 days at Disney World. I have no idea if I can actually do this or not but I'm goign to try. The longest I've been able to run up to this point is like 17 miles because of time and injuries but I want to still do it. I gave myself until I was 40 well I turn 39 this year, so I want to make sure and do it. I'm scared and a little bit intimidated by the distance but hopefully I will just keep putting one foot in front of the other and be able to finish. Well take care and happy new year to myself, since I have offically ran the few people who actually read this off!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's offical

okay it's official I'm the worst blogger in the world. I just can't figure out how to regularly update this darn thing. I try to make it a habit but it just doesn't happen. I guess I need to set a reminder in my outlook that tells me to update my blog. But when I think about it I wonder if it's worth the time. I'm not saying anyone is not important but I really don't have a reason for writing. Most people who blog do so because it become their journal or they just have so many good thoughts that they have to get them out. I don't do either of those things. I've started journaling about 20 different times over the years and as I look back at them I notice that I start out okay and then it goes blank, it's just not part of my lifestyle. I need an electronic journal that follows me around and I can just talk to and then it uploads automatically. I've always hated trying to put my thoughts on paper. One of the main reasons I never went to graduate school or seminary was because I can't stand writing papers. So blogging is like writing papers! So the thoughts in my head will always have a hard time making it to paper. I have lots of thoughts, but can't seem to get them to print! I know it's important, but lot of important things never happen. I know I will never be remembered except through my writings, but to be honest I really don't care! So if anyone wants to be my personal scribe (follow me around, ask question and then write them down) you are more than welcome to apply. But since that won't happen I will be content to be a horrible blogger that never write many things that are to worthwhile. So I'm claiming the official title as the most horrible blogger! I wear it with pride! See you later!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cool old guy

I was talking with our student staff girl the other day, doing some training with her and she made a comment that really made me laugh and cry at the same time. She is a freshman in College and a great girl, very fun and kids love to hang out with her. I made the comment that she has a "cool factor" part of it is because of who she is, but alot of it is because of her age. I told her that she is "cool" to the kids we hang out with, she is this girl from California, she is pretty and she is in college and she is giving high schoolers her time. She is cool to them. I said unlike me I don't have much of a cool factor left, I'm just not that cool to kids anymore! Doesn't mean I can't relate I'm just not the one they want to call and just hang with like they did when I was in my 20's! She then says but Rodney You are a "cool old dude". I laughed and cried....It's great to still be cool, but I'm not liking the old part. The funny thing is that she meant it in a good way, but it sure felt like Ouch!
Great thing about hanging around younger folks, they sure know how to keep you humble. So from the "cool old dude". Hang loose and have a great day.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cold & Icy

Well we had another major storm blow through our area this weekend. Everything got canceled. Church, sporting events, pretty much all of it. So we have been at home for the last few days, which for us is a rarity. We didn't even go out for lunch or dinner this weekend! That has to be a record or something. But it has been good. I've actually started watching 24, someone gave me the first series and I've been watching it the last few days and I have to say I like it! I think I have joined the millions and given in the to the addiction of 24. Well I think we should be able to get out of the house tomorrow. The girls have loved it, because the ice makes much better sledding on the hill by our house than the snow did! Well I have to get back to 24.

Monday, January 08, 2007


Hey don't have anything, but just wanted to get in the habit of updating! We do start our training tomorrow morning at 6:00am for our bike team. We are training to ride 100 miles in colorado in May and raising money for Young Life at the same time! So that is awful early for this night boy! So pray for me over the next few months! Maybe I will turn into a morning person but I doubt it!

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

It's the new year and I'm starting out writing. My goal this year is to at least post something once a week. I gave up on trying to do a daily thing. One it's just not me and I would never be able to keep it up anyway. I also don't have that much to say. The huffty family had a great holiday. Went to texas and spent it with the folks and siblings, had a great, relaxing, easy time! Life is good for us! So you got any resolutions for the new year? I'm trying to lose 25 pounds, be more consistent about getting up early. Finish a 100 mile bike ride in Colorado, run another half marathoan and begin gettign ready for a marathon next January! I had a goal to run a marathon by the time I was 35, I didn't do it but I'm still trying to get it done before f 40! I'll post some picture of our Younglife bike team in the future. We have 35 people who are riding the race with me in Colorado! So I think that will help me finish. Well have a great year and I'll hopefully see you weekly!